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Play Clay

Potters Clay Nelson Limited has developed a new air drying pottery clay product for children. The product will be available in toy shops and other stores selling children's toys, soon. Potters Clay childrens clay, Play Clay

  • The Play Clay is suitable for children aged 5+.
  • It is a non-toxic 100% natural clay product.
  • Simple and clean to use.
  • Use any washable surface as a base.
  • Shape your model by hand.
  • Leave to air dry then paint.
  • Keep unused clay tightly sealed in plastic.
  • Do not place in any type of oven.
  • Be creative and have fun.

Play Clay  Price: NZ $140.00 per carton (20 x 1kg packs )including post and packing anywhere in New Zealand. (recommended retail price NZ $ 9.50 per 1kg pack)

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